We are sure you have heard Daniel Day-Lewis announced his retirement in 2017 once he finished shooting the movie Phantom Thread. The film will be released at the end of this year.

Daniel is considered one of the best actors of this century. Actually, we wrote about some of the movies he took part,on this post: Best Irish movies, but we want to talk about his life too in this new post.

Some things you might now know about Daniel Day Lewis.


  • Sir Daniel Michael Bake Day-Lewis was born and raised in London, although it is believed he was born in the Republic of Ireland.
  • He received a knighthood at Buckingham Palace. The title was awarded for services to drama.
  • He holds British and Irish citizenships. His father, the poet Cecil Day-Lewis, was born in Ireland and he has lived in Annamoe (Ireland) since 1997.
  • Daniel is of the most awarded actors of his generation, including 3 Academy Awards for Best actor. He is the only male actor to win three oscars. The movies were: My left Foot, There will be Blood and Lincoln.
  • Since 1998 he has just starred in five films. Daniel is probably one of the most selective actors in the industry.
  • It is known to be a method actor, researching the role and devoted to the character for the duration of the shooting… sometimes too much to the point to affect his own health.
  • Daniel doesn’t give interviews very often and it is rare to see him in public appearances.
  • His movie debut was in 1971 playing a child vandal on Sunday Bloody Sunday. He was just 14 years old.

  • He played in Ghandi, My beautiful Laundrette, A room with a View… His first leading star was in The Unbereable Lightness of Being.

  • Daniel Day-Lewis was also nominated for Best actor for his roles in In the name of the father and Gangs of New York.

  • For his character in The Last of the Mohicans he learned to live off the land and the forest, learned how to make canoes, skin animals, hunting, fishing…
  • Lincoln was his latest movie before Phantom Thread. His last film is set in London’s fashion world in the 50s.

Thanks Daniel Day-Lewis and we do really hope you change your mind and don’t quit acting.