Some months ago, we recommended you some TV shows to watch, and The Handmaid’s Tale was one of them.

It was nominated to 13 Emmy Awards, and won eight of them. Not bad, is it? The main awards received were Outstanding Drama Series, Lead actress (Elizabeth Moss) and Supporting actress in a Drama Series (Ann Dowd).  Let us give you some info about this TV show.

  • It’s been created by Bruce Miller based on the novel of the same title written by Margaret Atwood
  • 10 episodes of around 60 minutes of running time.
  • The second season will be premiered next year.
  • Fertility rates has collapsed due to sexually transmitted diseases and environmental poluttion, the governenment establishes new rules in the former United States, now called Gilead… The few fertile women in Gilead, called handmaids are asigned to homes of the ruling elite to bear children.
  • Elisabeth Moss plays the main character, June Osborne, renamed Offred, as she is assigned to Fred Waterford.
  • Josep Fiennes is the Gileadan Commander Fred Waterford, his wife Serena Joy is played by Yvonne Strahovski and Ann Dowd is Aunt Lydia, one of the instructors and guardians of the Handmaids.
  • The Handmaids wear red cloaks like Mary Magdalene, and the barren wives blue dresses to represent the Virgin Mary.
  • This is not the first adaptation to the book, as there was a movie in 1990, a podcast a ballet and an opera.
  • Although the show is set in the United States, it was filmed in Canada.

We have already watched this show and we really recommend you to give it a go. Check the trailer here: