We’ve been publishing some info about our speakers range on our post. Today we will introduce you the subwoofer speakers.

Aurea Lucas Sub15 DSP and Aurea Lucas Sub12 SP are our subwoofer speakers, both self-powered and achieve the power of modern soundtrack bass lines.

Aurea Lucas Sub15 DSP

This subwoofer features a 600w 15” inch speaker, reaching 20Hz. Aurea Lucas Sub15 DSP has an integrated European built amplifier with DSP includes 4 factory made presets, which allow different frequency cuts at 60 and 80 Hz with phase inversion.

Presets included, Limiter, EQ and:

1.- Cut off, 63Hz

2.- Cut off, 63Hz polarity reverse

3.- Cut off, 80Hz

4.- Cut off 80 Hz polarity reverse

You can also request any color, varnish, laquer or polyurea paint finishing.

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Aurea Lucas Sub12 SP

This small self-powered subwoofer features a 12” inch speaker reaching 40Hz. Its amplifier (European built) includes variable passive filter that allows different frequency cuts at 40 and 200 Hz.

Hi-End connectors and stainless steel hardware, it can be ordered in any color you might like. Its size is 36,2 x36.2 x 39,9 centimeters and 7,5kilograms of weight.

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