We have introduced some of our products of our range of speakers. Today, we would like to talk about Vip Theatres Surround Systems.

Aurea 10 and 6 are the models of this family. Let us introduce you some of their features.

Aurea 10

This high definition surround system is suitable for any high demand VIP Theatre.

With all our commercial cinema technology inside, our state-of-the-art speaker includes a special internal passive processor. Thanks to it, Aurea 10 delivers the best possible response for a Hi End curve, with a very smooth EQ working.

This superb surround system is delivered with a powerful 10″ and a sweet 1″ compression driver.

More features

Bass:              1 x 10″ driver

Treble:            1 x 1″ compression driver

Horn:               90º x 40º biradial 1″ horn LW1101HFD

Frequency       (-10 dB) 48 to 22.000 Hz.

Power              225W AES, 450 W Prg. Nominal impedance 8 ohm.

Sensitivity        99,9dB/1W/1m. Free field

Size                 53,9 x 46,4 x 36,1(21,3) cm

Weight             20 kg

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Aurea 6

Our compact and small speaker can be used as screen system for smaller rooms or a surround system for big ones.

With its state-of-the-art European components for bass and treble, Aurea 6’s performance delivers a linear response up to 20Kz.

Due to its narrow depth allows it to be embed inside the wall to achieve a better looking result and features a high resistance polyaurea coating.

Bass               1 x 6″ driver

Treble             1 x 1.18″ compression driver

Frequency       30Hz/20Khz

Power             120W AES

Sensitivity       88dB/1W/1m. Max SPL 108dB

Size                34,4 x 55,7 x 11,4 cm

Weight            10 Kg

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We’d love to remind you that you can make them your own. We can offer you an amazing array of customization possibilities. Wood finishing, paint colours, varnish, anything you like. We can do it for you.