Spring has sprung, but you know that already, that’s not news. So, let’s talk about some things you might not know about Antonio Vivaldi and one of his most famous compositions.

Let’s learn some facts about Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

  • He was born in Venice in 1678 and had eight siblings.
  • Vivaldi’s health was a little bit problematic and one of his symptoms prevented him from playing wind instruments, but he was a virtuoso violinist.
  • In 1703, when he was 25 was ordained priest, and his nickname was the Red Priest, due to the color of his hair, a family trait.
  • Antonio Vivaldi composed many instrumental concertos, sacred choral works, operas, but his best known work is a series of violin concertos known as the Four Seasons.
  • In 1722 moved to Rome and the pope Beneich XIII invited to play for him.
  • He returned to Venice in 1725 and wrote the Four Seasons, four violing conceros that give musical expressions to the seasons of the years.
  • Three of the concerts are wholly original, and Spring is the only one that borrows motifs from his own opera Il Giustino.
  • These concerts were a revolution in musical conception, as he represented flowing creeks, birds (different species), barking dogs, mosquitoes, storms…
  • It is not clear when the first recording to the Four Seasons was made. The first proper electrical recording was made in 1942.
  • He had some success in Venice, Mantua and Vienna and moved there after meeting the Emperor Charles VI.
  • Like some other geniuses, Vivaldi died in poverty in 1741.

Good news though, we can always enjoy his music.