Some weeks ago, we wrote on our blog about our bookshelf range. Today, we would like to give you some info about our Screen Systems. Ready?

Aurea 26 DSP, Aurea 26 and Aurea 15 are our screen speakers. All of them deliver a perfect flat response, but let us introduce you some of their features.

Aurea 26DSP

This 3-way self-powered screen speaker features Hi-End quality and a power delivery of 800+400w. It includes 4 factory made presets and is also helped by a internal crossover that divides the high and medium frequencies. Medium and treble units are both horn loaded. Cool, isn’t it?

Aurea 26

It is also a 3-way self-powere screen speaker but one of the differentes is that it has a  power delivery of 700+470W. As well as Aurea 26DSP can be customized in either lacquered or varnished finishing. Both are designed for high-end home theatre installations featuring Dolby Atmos or Barco Auro.

Aurea 15

This superb 2-way screen with 700+80W power is helped by an internal crossover with Mundorf components. Thanks to the 90ºx40º horn it has a perfectly distributed treble response and can be used for either professional dubbing theatres or high-end home theatre installation featuring Dolby Atmos or Barco Auro.

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