Only small in size our Bookshelf range consists of the following speakers: Lucas MiniL6, Lucas MiniL5, Lucas MyFriend and Lucas MyFriend LSP.

These range deliver a much higher sound quality than expected and all due to the technology inherited from their big brothers, bigger models of the same series. Let’s take a look at every one of them.

Lucas MiniL6 features a 100W 6” inch speaker and a 15W tweeter, and it reaches 63Hz. It can be mounted on-wall too using a wall support.

Lucas MiniL5 features a 80W 5” inch speaker and a 15W tweeter reaching 63 Hz. Its size is 17,9 X 28,9 X24,3 cm and its weight is a little bit less than 5 kilograms.

Lucas MyFriend is our refined studio monitor and offers the most delicious musical reproduction possible and a wide range of frequencies. It is the preferred monitor speaker for film post-production studios. And remember, you can order it in any colour you may like.

Lucas MyFriend DSP is Aurea’s highly refined self-powered studio monitor. It has an integrated European-built amplifier with DSP which include 4 factory made presets to match every customer’s need.

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