We have already introduced you some of the people working at Aurea, Jose Carlos Guisasola and Mercedes Alonso. Today, we would like to introduce you Luis, our founder and Product Manager.

How would you introduce yourself?

I am a creative person and life has made me an entrepreneur.

What do you do at Aurea?

I am the Product Manager. I decide the models we are going to create and develop them with my team.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Well, I guess it would be designing. It is a privilege to have a speaker model in your head and after a while you end up listening and see how well it works. It is just the process of creating in all its phases and that gives meaning to what I do.

What makes Aurea special?

Aurea products are designed for home users but they are manufactured with professional sound components.

Something that most people don’t know about you?

Myself, of course. How I am and how I go through life and above all, why am I here and why am I doing what I do?

One sound you love.


What is your favourite movie?

I’ll go with Casablanca, Avanti! and any movie by Clint Eastwood.

Any band or singer you don’t get tired of listening?

Keith Jarret, of course, the master and unidirectional friend.

Someone you admire the most?

I would say. Javier Marias, a great writer, the philosopher Ortega y Gasset and Keith Jarrett, my favourite musician.

What are your hobbies?

Mainly, to convince myself what I come to do in this world and then get down to it. And I have several paths, such as designing, painting; writing and have an intelligent conversation, something that it is getting more and more difficult to have lately… And then, find some moments of silence every day. .

Where can we find you when you are not working?

Looking at the see, but I won’t tell you where, so that nobody can’t find me. Hahaha…

Thanks Luis.  We’ll be back with new members of our staff soon. Stay tuned!