Meghan Trainor recorded a song called “All about that Bass”. The lyrics goes “I’m all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble”. We already wrote about the treble in a recent post.

Let us explain you a little bit more about “that Bass”

In case you haven’t listened to the song we were talking about, here you have it. Just for you to know, she was not talking about tones.

Bass describen tones of low, alslo known as deep, frequency, pitch and range from 16 till 256 Hz.  If we talk about musical compositions, pieces and songs, these are the lowest parts of the harmony.

In choral music with no instruments, the bass is supplied by adult male bass singers. The basslines are played by the dobule bass and cellos, basson or contrabassoon, low brass such as the tuba, bass trombone and the kettledrums in choral music.

In styles such as Rockabilly and Big Band the bass role is filled by the upright bass as you can see in the video below. In rock and pop bands is filled by the electri bass and in pop, hip hop music and Electronic Dance Music the bass role should be filled with a bass synthesizer.

Bass notes are frequently used to provide a counterpoint to outline or juxtapose the progression of the chords, or with percussion to underline the rhytm.