Some weeks ago we wrote on our blog about the difference between a home theatre and home cinema. Today, we would like to explain the features of the Hi-Fi and home cinema speakers. Here we go.

We all might agree good sound is essential when talking about speakers, no matter if we are going to watch a movie or listening to the latest album of your favourite band, but music and movies have different requirements.

Nowadays, films have a wide range, from soft-to-loud dynamic range, dialogues; surround effects, ambient, deep bass… Every movie has a multichannel soundtrack. On the contrary, music recordings are dynamically compressed and only a small numbers of the new music is available in multichannel sound, stereo rules in the music world.

The subwoofer’s prime responsibility in a home theatre speaker is to supply room-shaking low-frequency effect, something you won’t need to listen to some music. Home theatre imaging duties are distributed over more speakers, so the demands are lower for each speaker. The home theatre sound is a supportive role, and it does not need to be more tonally accurate.

We, at Aurea, are specialized in home theatre speakers and we will be more than happy to help you out to pick the right one depending on your needs.

Some of the info has been originally posted on this article by Cnet.