Robert de Niro was born on August 17 in Greenwich Village, New York City. To celebrate his birthday we would like to talk about his, for us, best movies ever. And that is not easy, taking into account he has taken part in over than 100 films. This is our choice of movies you shouldn’t miss.


The Godfather II

Robert de Niro played young Vito Corleone in the second part of The Godfather. The first part was played by one of the best actors ever, Marlon Brando. In this sequel Bob, as everybody knows him, is an immigrant in Little Italy (New York) who becomes one of the big guys in the city. Robert de Niro won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Marlon Brando won the Oscar with the same role two years earlier.

Taxi Driver

Yes, we are talking to you Robert. The movie was released in 1975 and directed by Martin Scorsese. Martin and Robert worked in several movies during their careers. Playing the role of Travis Bickle a cab driver mentally unstable and Vietnam veteran. De Niro was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award. One of his best roles ever.

The Deer Hunter

Michael Cimino directed this movie in 1978. The Vietnam War is again of the main topics of a movie. It is shows the ways this war impact the lives of people in a town in Pennsylvania. Robert de Niro, John Cazale, Fredo in The Godfather, John Save, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep starred this movie.

Raging Bull

De Niro played Jake La Motta, a boxer whose life was always linked to violence, not only in the ring but also outside. This film was made in black and white in order to avoid all the blood. Robert gained almost 30 kilos to play the older boxer. Robert de Niro visited Martin Scorsese at the hospital when he was recovering from a cocaine overdose and convince him to come back and make this movie about the boxer. He was very persistent as Scorsese didn’t like sports movies.  De Niro got his second Academy Award, but this time for Best Actor.


Back again to the mafia world. Scorsese and De Niro together once again. It is the story of a man through his teen years into the years of mafia. Robert de Niro played Jimmy Conway. Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci are his partners in crime this time.

Happy birthday Bob!