If you check our website you will see that we have changed the categories in which we divide our products.  We also have new products, but we will talk about them in coming posts.

The main two families are Aurea Lucas Home Cinema and Aurea VIP Theatres. Two different needs from our clients deserve two different answers from us.

The Aurea Lucas family is dedicated to audio experts who will install their speakers at home. Therefore, they deserve not only a maximum sound quality, but also a design quality that adapts to the interior design of the space they will install our products in.
As a result, Aurea Lucas models are generally smaller and more carefully designed than VIP Theaters.

Aurea Lucas Home Cinema products are for the high end audio expert and we divide this series into the following products:

  • Bookshelf: Our smaller speakers, yet only small in size.  We should highlight our model Aurea Lucas MyFriend, a true Studio Monitor used by many professionals which is even offered as self-powered with DSP module.
  • Central: Superb center  2-way screen speaker. The use of Ribbon transducers in both the central and L + R channels ensures the highest quality reproduction as well as a match in the timbre of the three channels.
  • Floor standing:  meant for LCR screen channels on both Home Cinema or Hi-End.  Our Aurea Lucas LCR has not only ribbon technology for medium and high frequencies, but also the “dipole” effect, due to the arrangement of its treble transducer, creating an impressive depth effect.
  • Subwoofer: Our self-powered subwoofer. We have two self-powered models, one of them with DSP. The use of internal amplifiers with DSP allows us to deliver perfectly adjusted systems in all its parameters, ensuring the optimization of the system.

More info about Aurea Lucas Home Cinema on: www.aureabylw.com/lucas-home-cinema

The Aurea VIP Theaters family is more dedicated to actual movie theatre installations where the speakers will be installed behind the screen, be it residential or commercial, where the same top sound quality is required. They are bigger and more powerful models than the Aurea Lucas series.

Aurea VIP Theatres are targeted at our most sophisticated customers and all the products are manufactured by professionals with professional European components. This is the range of products.

  • Ceiling systems: suitable for any Dolby Atmos or Barco Auro high demand VIP Theatre installation.
  • Screen systems: Designed for Dolby Atmos and Barco Auro installations, cinemas VIP lounges, high-end Home Theatres or Dubbing Theaters. We are offering not only passive speakers, but also self-powered models, much easier to install. The use of internal amplifiers with DSP allows us to deliver perfectly adjusted systems in all its parameters, ensuring an optimal installation.
  • Subwoofer systems: We are offering not only passive subwoofers but also self-powered ones  much easier to install which greatly facilitate the installation work. The use of internal amplifiers with DSP allows us to deliver perfectly adjusted systems in all its parameters, an optimal installation. The systems are equipped with 18 “and 21” speakers, which show the professional vocation and the purely cinematographic origin of our products.
  • Surround systems: this high-definition state-of-the-art surround system is suitable for any high demand VIP Theatre.

More info about Aurea VIP Theatres on: www.aureabylw.com/vip-theatres