Antonio Banderas was born on August 10th. Believe it or not, he is 57 years old already. He is considered one of the best Spanish actors and as our products, known all over the world J. Let’s talk about some things you probably did not know about him.


  • His real name is Jose Antonio Domínguez Bandera. His father is a police officer in the –civil Guard and his mother, whose last name he took as his stage name, a school teacher.


  • As almost every kid in Spain he wanted to be a professional soccer player when he was a kid.


  • Banderas was working in the theatre and he caught the attention of a Spanish director. Does this name ring a bell? Pedro Almodóvar. His movie debut Labyrinth of Passion was his movie debut.


  • He worked in several Almodovar’s movies and he is credited for helping launch Banderas-s international career. One of his best roles was in Tie Me Up! Tie me Down!



  • Madonna introduced him in 1991 to Hollywood. She was madly in love with him.


  • Antonio just spoke a little bit of English, and that is why he had to learn all his lines phonetically for his role in The Mambo Kings.

  • Melanie Griffith and Banderas was one of those famous couples in Hollywood. They were married for 18 years (1996-2014). They met while shooting Two Much!


  • Madonna and Banderas together again. This time starring alongside in Evita. Antonio loves singing and he also did it in El Mariachi.


  • He is the face of different brands and he has been working with Puig, a fragrance and beauty multinational company becoming one of the best representatives.


  • He has some problems pronouncing some English words. “The word that really gets me is animals, I just can never say it properly, whenever it is in a film I have to get it changed for a synonym.” “In Zorro I had a line changed from ‘You look like a bunch of animals’ to ‘you look like a collection of beasts’ it worked much better, so I don’t care”



Happy birthday Antonio!!