A word about Cinema Audio by Mr. Luis Wassmann

Intelligibility in the near field, our top priority.

Contrary to the word on the street and as every audiophile would know, different audio installations -as well as different venue sizes- require completely different audio engineering and equipments. For sure, the equipment requirements needed for a trance open-air music festival are opposite to the ones needed for a jazz band indoor concert, for example.

Having said this, Cinema Audio isn’t the exception, as it features very special characteristics. Firstly, movie soundtracks are not just music but mostly dialogues that tell a story, and these must present a perfect speech intelligibility. But apart from dialogues, also special fx, music, etc -which also add to the movie experience- must be reproduced with a great variety and richness of tones. And lastly, the bass and subwoofer frequencies must be displayed with great length and without what is regularly known as “the disco kick“.

These particularities are what define Cinema audio and what make it so recognizable.

We have been manufacturing world-class cinema audio products for more than 20 years.

Thousands of cinemas worldwide already feature our LW Speakers loudspeakers and cinema amplifiers.

Intelligibility in the near field has always been our top priority since 2015 when we launched Aurea, our residential cinema product range. And we are happy to say that we have achieved our goal: intelligibility in the near field for the residential cinema, same as we did achieve it for commercial cinema.

Thanks to a great team effort and constant R&D investment we can now offer you our outstanding technology, and we can surely say: installing Aurea speakers lets your movies sound like they should. Same as at “the movies”.

We have achieved our goal: same intelligibility in the near field for the residential cinema, as we did for commercial cinema.