Best actresses ever

Tomorrow is Women's Day. Let's remember some of the best actresses ever.

It is not easy to pick just 6 of them, and we are sure you would have your own list, but let us try. These are our best actresses’ choice, and it is ranked by their number of Oscars won.   

Meeting our people: Luis Wassmann

We have already introduced you some of the people working at Aurea, Carlos Wassmann, Jose Carlos Guisasola and Mercedes Alonso. Today, we would like to introduce you Luis, our founder and Product Manager.

And the Oscar nominees are…

The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards have already been announced. On this post we will focus just on the Best picture nominees.

Nine movies on the list this year:  “The Shape of Water”, “Three Billboards Outisde Ebbing, Missouri”, “Dunkirk”, “Get out”, “Call me by Your name”. “Darkest Hour”, “Lady Bird”, “Phantom Thread” and “The Post”. Let us introduce you some facts about these movies.

Learn more about our Aura Ceiling systems

We’ve been publishing some info about our speakers range on our post. Today, we would like to introduce you the ceiling systems.

All our speakers in this range are suitable for any Atmos or Barco Auro high demand VIP Theatre installation. Aurea Lucas Ceiling 12, 8 and 6 have our commercial cinema technology inside and their special internal passive processor delivers the best possible response for a Hi End Curve and a very smooth EQ working.

Five songs that are 50 years old

It is not easy to pick the best song of any year. It may depend on several factors, taste, kind of music, singers or band…This list is just about 5 epic songs that were released in 1968, only 50 years ago.

Let’s go, we will play them in alphabetical order.

Meeting our people: Mercedes Alonso

We have already introduced you some of the people working at Aurea. We started with Carlos Wassmann and after him,  Jose Carlos Guisasola. What they do, what they love about their work, their favourite movies, music band, etc…

Today, we would like to introduce you Mercedes Alonso, Office Administration & Logistics Manager at Aurea.

Happy birthday Kevin Costner!

By reading the title of this post, you know by now that he was born on January 18, but let us give you some info about this actor, director, producer and musician.

Happy birthday Kevin!

Some features and info about our Screen systems

Some weeks ago, we wrote on our blog about our bookshelf range. Today, we would like to give you some info about our Screen Systems. Ready?

Aurea 26 DSP, Aurea 26 and Aurea 15 are our screen speakers. All of them deliver a perfect flat response, but let us introduce you some of their features.

5 Movies premiered 50 years ago.

Time flies, we all know that, but sometimes it flies so fast you don’t even realise it. Can you believe that movies such as the Planet of the Apes, or Rosemary’s Baby are 50 years old?

Let’s talk about some of these movies premiered in 1968.

Hi-Fi and Home Cinema speakers

Some weeks ago we wrote on our blog about the difference between a home theatre and home cinema. Today, we would like to explain the features of the Hi-Fi and home cinema speakers. Here we go.

We all might agree good sound is essential when talking about speakers, no matter if we are going to watch a movie or listening to the latest album of your favourite band, but music and movies have different requirements.

10 movies to watch at Christmas time

It is not easy to pick just 10 movies to watch at Christmas time, but let us try and we will order them chronologically.